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Advertisements and screen readers: Half the time they are just a garbled unlabeled mess, and they can lead to unfortunet accessibility issues! Especially on iOS. I can’t stand articles which has silent ad embeds that are videos. Voiceover will begin counting down over and over, so because of things like that I adblock everywhere.
I focused for the uBlock origin config, on general screen reader issues such as ads, tracking, Youtube shorts being disabled, and making Twitch tabs use less CPU.
I use this all the time, and I don’t run into issues for myself, so that is why I’m sharing it.
If you want to support something later in this article I will include how to whiteList.
I highly recommend the combination of NextDNS, and UBlock Origin. This way, you can use any browser you want with the configuration. You could also use control d but it’s not as accessible, so I won’t be going into details for that service. This post asumes you know how to use UBlock Origin.

The best web browser

In my opinion, as a power user, there is no best web browser, and no best web browser engine. Currently, this is what I would choose between.
Brave with it’s adblocking turned off
Ungoogled Chromium
I would stay away from any of the other mainstream browsers, but if you must use them, use them. I don’t want to speak gospal, just my best practices in my experience. You may have to use Ublock Origin Lite , if you use a browser like Google Chrome soon, once Manafest V3 rolls out. That is why I’m just avoiding mainstream browsers entirely.

Configuring NextDNS

Sign up for nextdns, and then enable the following subscriptions on the privacy page.

    NextDNS Ads & Trackers Blocklist
    Lightswitch05 – Ads & Tracking
    HaGeZi – Multi PRO

Under Native Tracking Protection, enable the following:
All versions

iOS, macOS, tvOS

Phones, Tablets, Smart TVs

Amazon Alexa
Alexa-enabled devices
There is a popular guide for nextDNS. I really didn’t go that deep into details of that. If you need more info I recommend this guide.

My Ublock Origin config

Here is my ublock configuration in OneDrive. You may have to right click save as on the following page to save it. After you save it, go into Ublock origin on your browser, and open the dashboard. Then, look for the restore button, and select the adblock.txt file you downloaded. I will try to update this whenever i can.
If you are using uBlock Origin Lite, you just need to open up the extentions settings, and check the categories you want to adblock. That is all that thing is, so I don’t have settings you can import for it.


You can whitelist in NextDNS by going to this page, and entering the domains, or subdomains you want to allow.
As for UBlock Origin, open up the dashboard, and go to the trusted sites button. Enter your domains, or subdomains you want to whitelist there.


At this point you should have an ad free experience around the net. If you have any suggestions for subscriptions after looking at what I included, please let me know in the comments.

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