Author: serrebi

  • How I windows

    In my opinion, Microsoft seems to be on a decade long journey to turn windows into a Tablet operating system, but instead of slashing out the last 2 times they wanted to do this, and only having one telemetry stream for you, they have many different ones, made at different times, all running and doing…

  • How I adblock

    Advertisements and screen readers: Half the time they are just a garbled unlabeled mess, and they can lead to unfortunet accessibility issues! Especially on iOS. I can’t stand articles which has silent ad embeds that are videos. Voiceover will begin counting down over and over, so because of things like that I adblock everywhere. I…

  • Welcome!

    Welcome to my blog! Domain prices are rising, so just want to do … something with this domain other than run a stream on it.